World of Warcraft: Legion Has a New Class

by Alex S | December 22, 2015 2:30 pm

We are probably used with Blizzard[1] adding a new class or race with every expansion. Well, the tradition remains because with World of Warcraft: Legion[2] we have a new class, Demon Hunter.

What Demon Hunter is?

This class represents the elfs (night elfs and blood elfs) who were recruited by Illidan, a major character in World of Warcraft, and they are trained in the art of hunting demons. In short, the story presents a group of hunters sent on a mission to destroy, in the name of their master, Burning Legion’s demonic base, who is the main villain in this expansion.

World of Warcraft: Legion[3]

How can you be a Demon Hunter?

Compared to other classes, this class is limited and available only to night elf and blood elf who who are closer in appearance to their leader, Illidan. Each created hunter begins his adventure on level 98 and is immediately sent on a suicide mission (mentioned above).

World of Warcraft: Legion[4]


Besides their skills of using the new weapons of “warglaves”, the class also dispose of a high mobility skill and the possibility to be able to easily dodge enemy attacks and hurdles using double jump and hover. The attacks are made a little different. You have to destroy certain demons and acquire their power. Talking about Demon Hunter’s talents, it can be a “damage dealer” Havoc, and a “tank” Vengeance.

World of Warcraft: Legion[5]

It is superior to other classes?

No, because even the old classes have been modified and prepared for this new expansion, receiving new powers in exchange for old powers.

World of Warcraft: Legion[6]

The new expansion is set to be released in 2016.

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