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Who Is Psylocke from X-Men: Apocalypse 0

The new Super Bowl spot for X-Men: Apocalypse just debuted one of the most highly-anticipated characters in the “X-Men” universe. Olivia Munn has been cast as Psylocke, the first on-screen

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Deadpool Celebrates Australia Day 0

We’re getting closer and closer to Deadpool’s release in theaters, and everything is pointing towards a pleasurable experience for the fans. All is right with the world of Marvel’s Merc

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X-Men Apocalypse Trailer 0

The trailer starts with Jean’s dream in which she sees “the end of the world”. Professor Xavier tells her that it was just a dream. Next we hear Apocalypse’s voice

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Who is Apocalypse? 0

Apocalypse is considered to be the first mutant, at least in current Marvel universe canon. He was born in a city named Akkaba in Egypt, and he was left to

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