Oliver Queen From the Future Will Appear In Legends of Tomorrow

by Alex S | February 2, 2016 12:30 pm

Stephen Amell will make his appearance in Legends of Tomorrow[1] as an older Oliver Queen.

In a recent interview with EW[2], executive producer Marc Guggenheim has unveiled that Amell will appear in episode 6 of this season, which will take place in 2046, were Queen will have only an arm and the famous goatee from the comic books. This look reminds us of the famous archer from comic books (you can watch a picture below).

Oliver Queen[3]

This isn’t all, Connor Hawke (which we know him from Arrow) will also make an appearance in the futuristic episode of which Guggenheim believes that ‘is one of the best things he did in the DC TV Shows’.

Oliver Queen[4]

Watch the trailer for Legends of Tomorrow below:

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