Fallout 4 walkthrough. So this is how it’s done?!

Fallout 4 walkthrough. So this is how it’s done?!
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As Fallout 4 is a huge game in which you can do the quest in a non-linear way,and by that I mean that the quests can be done from various stages and from any angle in the game, I brought to you a walkthrough tutorial that might help solve that situation.

Fallout 4

First of all,quests,are divided into 2 brackets and those are Main Quest and Secondary Quests. Further on,I’ll show you a list with all the quests in the game according to their importance and the faction you are doing them for.


Out of Time – Escape Vault 111 and begin the search for Shaun
When Freedom Calls – Encounter the Minutemen
Jewel of the Commonwealth – Get help in Diamond City
Unlikely Valentine – Rescue a gumshoe
Getting a Clue – Learn more about Shaun’s disappearance
Reunions – Track down Kellogg
Dangerous Minds – Find Doctor Amari
The Glowing Sea – Find the escaped Institute scientist
Hunter Hunted – Find a way in to the institute
The Molecular Level – Build a teleporter
At this point the story splits.


Institutionalized – Investigate the Institute
Synth Retention – Hunt down the rogue.
The Battle of Bunker Hill – Reclaim the stolen tech.
Mankind Redefined – Discuss the future.
Mass Fusion – Steal a reactor component.
Pinned – Bring in the scientist.
Powering Up – Activate the reactor.
End of the Line – Take care of the Railroad.
Airship Down – Deal with the Brotherhood.
Nuclear Family – Say goodbye.


Inside Job
Form Ranks
Taking Independence
Old Guns
Defend The Castle
The Nuclear Option (Minutemen)


Reveille – Investigate the airship.
Fire Support – Assist the Brotherhood.
Call to Arms – Find the transmitter.
Semper Invicta – Join the Brotherhood.
Shadow of Steel – Enter the airship.
Tour of Duty – Meet the team.
Show No Mercy
From Within
Outside the Wire
Liberty Reprimed
Blind Betrayal
Tactical Thinking
Spoils of War
Ad Victoriam
The Nuclear Option (Brotherhood of Steel)
A New Dawn


The First Step – Help the Minutemen Out
Vault 81 – Find another Vault
Here Kitty Kitty – Find a lost Cat
Hole in the Wall – Discover the secret of Vault 81
Road to Freedom – Locate the mysterious Railroad
Tradecraft – recover a mysterious item
Inside Job – Steal Institute Data.
Human Error – Unlock a dark conspiracy
Boston After Dark – Help somebody out
Story of the Century – Help Piper get a scoop
Taking Independence – Retake a minutemen stronghold

And here are the location that you’ll be visiting in order to get and do the quests.

Guide By Locations

Vault 111
Diamond City
Corvega Assembly Plant
USAF Satellite Station Olivia
Tenpines Bluff
Mystic Pines
Rotten Landfill
Thicket Excavations
Museum of Freedom
Vault 81
Vault 75

Fallout 4 Map

Have fun and for more info about the walkthrough press the quest that you wish to do or the quest that you are in right now.

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