Another Trailer for Hitman Beta Has Been Released

by Alex S | February 9, 2016 4:30 pm

Square Enix and IO Interactive have released another trailer for the upcoming beta of the new Hitman[1] game.


The beta will we available for all players that own a PlayStation 4 or a PC, not having a closing date yet. The PS4 beta will be released on 12 February and the PC beta version will be available on 19 February.

The beta for the new Hitman game will include the first mission from the final version, which takes place in ICA agency of which Agent 47 belongs to. As you will see in the trailer, the first mission is a test in which Agent 47 haves to prove that he is worthy for the title ‘perfect assassin‘.


Last month, a collectors edition has been unveiled that includes a red tie and a needle, besides the game. Hitman will be launched on 11 March and it will be available for Xbox One, PlasyStation 4 and PC.

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